Life is short, so...


But what makes life worth living?


But what do I have to learn….or unlearn?


but how do I show… how do I know… love?

Make a Difference

How will I be remembered?

Life is short, so...


Live by design, not by default



This is an outline inviting consideration of  ‘the Neglected mind’, ‘the Renewed mind’ and the importance of the mind in six key areas of Christian life. Read more…


CHRIST AND CULTURE – H Richard Nieburh

Niebuhr’s famous “five types” continue to serve as the launching point for most discussions of the interaction of Christianity and culture. Evangelicals have inhabited all of Niebuhr’s types. And, given the varied circumstances in which evangelicals have sought to serve Christ, each type can be seen to offer its own integrity. Read more…

jdunn-512x1024 (2) ‘Opening doors to positive futures’  

 What gives your life meaning and purpose? What makes it the grand adventure it’s meant to be?           We  want to grow and develop; realize our ‘God-given potential’; become all we’re capable of being. Yet  often we find ourselves trapped in patterns of thought and behaviour or circumstances that hold us back or even lead us away from our goals and we can’t always figure out what to do. Trying hard isn’t enough.                      

Here’s a clue – It’s not about the skills  – it’s about the mind set.  Our biggest challenges don’t come from what’s going on outside of us, they come from what’s going on inside us. Is there anything that can be done about this? The answer is ‘Yes’! – there are resources, ideas, beliefs that can change your life and they are available now. I am first and foremost, a Christian. I spend my time speaking, writing and working with individuals, groups and organisations to bring about positive change through the application of Christian principles’

Life doesn’t have to be about becoming better than everyone else in our field but it ought first to be about bringing out the best in ourselves and then each other.   One thing is sure, none of us can afford the luxury of a negative thought life. Like attracts like; cynicism, fear of failure, despair and other similar negative emotions  breed more of the same. It’s a downward, destructive spiral but it can be reversed.