A series of time travel adventures for teenagers. Biblical, educational and absorbing reading.

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Gaz was thirteen -old enough to have his own computer, and bored by sermons. What did the Reverend Henry Phipps know about real life anyway? And now he had come up with a very odd piece of paper and expected Gaz to crack its code

Gaz took the jumble of numbers and symbols. perhaps his computer could make sense of them

No one could have predicted the result. The patterns on his screen launched him on a journey through time that would bring him adventure, excitement and danger. he would never be the same again.

If it falls to you to inspire and direct a group of people- whether a small group, large company or committee, church or other Christian concern- then this book will help you

  • understand Christian leadership
  • test your own attitudes and behaviour
  • develop your own style
  • define and communicate your vision

The book is essentially biblical and practical with the emphasis on scripture and self tests



PART ONE: Accepting the Challenge

  • The Leadership Factor
  • The Leadership Personality
  • The Leadership Task

PART TWO: Developing and Effective Style

  • Power and Influence
  • The Part People Play
  • Styles and Context

PART THREE: Leading with Vision

  • Vision: seeing beyond current realities
  • Implementing the Vision
  • Functioning as a Role Model
  • Empowering others to Achieve

PART FOUR: Successful leadership Strategies

  • Key Questions to Ask
  • Action Plans to Develop
  • Examples to Follow

This is a book about work and how it can be changed for the better. It’s for those who want their experience of work to be more humane, joyful, fulfilling and worthwhile. Lots of modern work environments lead to a parching of the spirit. There is a growing cry for more ‘heart at work’, more ‘spirit at

work’; for workplaces themselves to be more conducive to our development and fulfilment as human beings.

The LifeWise Guide to Work is designed to help you find a way of reaching this elusive but important goal.



The Purpose of this Book

  1. Telling It Like It Is
  2. The Whole Truth
  3. Just the Job
  4. Let’s Get to Work
  5. Nasty Business
  6. The Christian Way of Work
  7. It’s Not That Simple
  8. Hard Graft
  9. Escaping the Treadmill
  10. Let Your Light Shine
  11. Where Do We Go from Here?



The questions that arise concerning money and wealth are not always economic ones; many of them have deep moral implications: Is it right to be super-rich? Is it wrong to be poor? Should the acquisition and the distribution of wealth be controlled? The Bible, always a controversial and challenging document, has a great deal to say about money and wealth. It acknowledges the part that money plays in human affairs and shows that our attitude to it determines, in large measure, how we live in the world.





Introduction: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

1. Money Matters

2. Family Fortunes

3. Hey, Big Spender!

4. Learning to be Generous

5. For Richer, For Poorer?

6. Wealth Creation and Distribution

7. Money and Morals

8. Loose Change

Epilogue: Rich Man, Poor Man . . .


Shortcuts 124


Rudolf Bubik, a former miner in North East Czech played a leading role in the struggle to establish the Pentecostal Church as a legally recognised body in that country. The book deals with a significant period in his life during the early 1980’s and is based on material contained in a ‘diary’ written on scraps of paper while he was imprisoned. Additional information was researched by the author using Czech and other sources.



Author’s Note

  1. The Men from the KGB
  2. Room without a View
  3. Beating the System
  4. Overcoming Satanic Forces
  5. Rough Justice
  6. The Day the Angels Came
  7. Josef’s dream
  8. The Transforming Presence
  9. Hello and Goodbye
  10. The Prosecutor’s Dilemma