jdunnThe Seminars/ Workshops     described below can be conducted in your local setting. The learning methods are a combination of talks, discussions. exercises and an opportunity to reflect privately on content and application.

Each event is fully documented and  accompanied by a Participants Workbook which allow each person attending to engage with the material and personalise their learning

For more information about running any of the programmes please contact Jim Dunn



groupLife is challenging; sometimes difficult, often demanding, always worth living. But what gives life meaning and purpose? What makes it the grand adventure it is meant to be?

Most of us want to grow and develop; to realize our God-given potential and become all that we are capable of being. Yet we often find ourselves trapped in patterns of thought and behaviour that hold us back or lead us away from our life-goals.

Positive Futures TM is founded on the premise that Jesus Christ is the key to successful living. It is a life affirming, life enhancing programme of learning based on principles that are Biblically and psychologically sound.

Positive Futures TM   has six segments of learning. Each segment has a taught element; an interactive component with experiential exercises and discussion and a time for personal reflection.   The programme takes about ten hours to complete and is structured to reflect principles that have a bearing on Christian life and action such as:


Participants who experience Positive Futures TM can expect to: gain vital insights into Christian faith and practice; become more self aware; be better able to control their thoughts and direct their actions; have heightened aspirations and self esteem with confidence to set and achieve better goals and greater sensitivity to the behaviour of others

Learning Units

Unit One – First Things First

Introduces key concepts. Theology before psychology; Christ before self; God’s purpose before personal fulfilment. Emphasises the need for a strong ethical centre and priorities based on commitment to Christ and the Christian way.

Unit Two:   Become what you are

Who are we meant to be? What is stopping us? Current beliefs and attitudes shape our expectations of the future. ‘As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’

Unit Three: True or False? – The power of beliefs

We behave and act in accordance with the ‘truth’ as we perceive it to be. A belief keeps its power even when it is false. Understanding how our mind works helps us change how we think and the way we choose to live.

Unit Four:   Learn a New Language

The conversation we carry on with ourselves is key. Thoughts accumulate to become beliefs. We behave like the person we believe ourself to be. Learn how to control your self talk or it will control you.

 Unit Five:   Goals that Count

We move towards and become like what we think about. Give yourself goals that will bring you where you want to be. Live by design not by default

 Unit Six:     Live with Purpose

Cooperate with the Divine purpose. Invest in the future; invade the impossible.

Be motivated by what the future holds. Keep hope alive.


timeTime unlike money or opportunity is a resource we all have in equal measure. Regardless of our personal situation, we each get twenty-four hours a day.

Time is life, literally. We are to make the most of it ‘I must work the works of Him that sent me while it is day. The night is coming when no one can work’  Jesus: John 9v4.

We are to use it wisely.

‘Teach us to number our days that we might use the time we have wisely’.        Moses (Psalm. 90 v 12).

Learning to manage your time purposefully is key to living a life that counts.

Seize The Day TM  is founded on the premise that time is a gift and that using it effectively is foundational to Christian life and practice.  It is a practical programme, based on principles that are Biblically and Psychologically sound, which offers tools and techniques that enable users to take control of their lives and achieve more through having better control of their time.

G0 M.A.D

gomadpictureGo M.A.D (Go Make a Difference) is a workshop about making change happen.

Life is not a ‘still shot’; it is a dynamic, constantly shifting scene in which we live either by design or default. Broadly speaking two kinds of people are found in most societies: those who are made BY the times i.e.  products of the age, shaped by the fashions and norms of the day.

Alongside these are others who seem made FOR the times. They are God’s men and women. ‘You are His workmanship, created by Him in Christ Jesus, to do good works which He has planned that you should do’ Eph. 1:26

Go M.A.D TM explores how Christians may take charge of the change process to make positive differences at every level of society through the application of Kingdom principles.

The workshop lasts around 3 hours and participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of how change occurs
  • Learn  how to be a change agent
  • Appreciate why change fails and know how to avoid pitfalls

The workshop is structured in five main units. Each has a taught element, exercises and an interactive component with time for discussion and personal reflection

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and work on their individual and group challenges in relation to the changes they wish to see.